About Us

Think concrete is just for driveways? Think again.

We are bringing industrial modern design to Iowa homes with our custom concrete countertops, furniture and overlays. Industrial design proudly displays the building materials other try to hide. It’s raw, unfinished, edgy and as much about function as style.

What We Do Best

Concrete Countertops

Known for their strength, sculpt-ability, and timeless quality these countertops will keep your kitchen in style.

Concrete Furniture

With it’s solidarity, strength and durability this furniture just won’t quit.

Concrete Overlays

Give your concrete surface, indoors or out, a fresh new look without the hassle of removal or replacement.

What people are saying

“HPC is an innovative concrete solutions company that continues to exceeded our expectations in the residential construction industry. Their expertise in concrete treads, countertops, flooring, and furniture is second to none. HPC has provided many of our clients with truly unique pieces that become a focal point in their home."

- Nick Bussanmas

Contact Us

P: 515-981-6233